SUEFT (System of Universal Encrypted File Transfer)

SUEFT is encrypted file storage system which is composed of bundle of server application and client application. Current release contains Android application and server software which can be run on any environments such as desktop PCs or server machines. You can easily setup this system by following simple steps from system setup page.


  • System contains non-blocking IO Server and Android Application.
  • Secure with encrypted communication between client and server.
  • Configurable database and media storage settings.
  • Allow multiple users registration.
  • Allow single user to login from multiple devices.


  • You can setup your own secured and encrypted file storage system.
  • You can deploy this system on environment of your choice such as cloud or dedicated server machine.
  • If it is for organizations or user communities, you can setup this system to help users to store their data on secure location within your network.

Constraints: As it is demo system, we have put some constraints on this.

  • Maximum file size allow to upload is 20MB.
  • Each user can upload up to 50 files into system. User needs to delete previous uploaded files if he/she wants to upload new files when this limit is reached.

Please read instruction from system setup page.

Download server package from following link button.

Install Android application on your device from following play store link button.