SMS Encrypt Application

If you want to secure your messages sending over sms channels by encrypting every words you type, 'SMS Encryption Droid' can fulfill your requirements. With this application, Messages are securely encrypted before sending and decrypted when they are received. Encrypted messages are stored into phone and they are not readable by other sms applications. You can also setup secret encryption key with each of your contacts to get maximum security for your confidential messages.

Creating contact(s): You can either copy existing contacts of your phone to application address list or you can add them manually. You can also add/update/delete contacts and messages of this application. It will not delete any contacts or messages of other applications or phone contact list.

Sending encryption message: You need to press a little longer on message sending button when you send messages.

Encryption key settings: You can create secret encryption key for each of your contacts. When one user sends encryption key to other user, it will prompt message about receiving encryption key in receiving phone. This key will be shared between these two users.
* Setting encryption key make sure your message is double encrypted. In this case, only you and other user who has same encryption key can decrypt the messages. * Double encryption means that your message is encrypted with our own encryption algorithm first, then this message is encrypted again with encryption key using AES algorithm.

Login settings: You can set password to protect this application so that you only can access this application.
* If you forgot the password, you can remove it from setting. Removing password will delete all encrypted messages of this application.
* Login session will be expired after 10 minutes you have logged in.

Important Note: It is required to install this application on message receiving Android phone to read encrypted sms messages you send. Otherwise, other sms application cannot convert encrypted message into readable text.

File Encrypt Application

This application helps you to encrypt and decrypt any files or folders in your device with your preferred passwords. You can upload/send/share encrypted data to any locations without worrying about underlying network infrastructures or hosting file servers where data will be kept. Encrypted data can be kept in your device as long as you want and you can upload/decrypt/delete them at any time. The same goes for decrypted data. You can keep decrypted data on your device or delete them.


  • Search files and folders in Device.
  • Encrypt selected items with password.
  • Decrypt whatever encrypted by this application.
  • Send encrypted data using email or data transfer applications.
  • Configure default encryption password.
  • Apply search and sort options for items display.


  • Secure data transfer.
  • Improve personal data management.

What Encryption algorithm is used: This application use AES algorithm to encrypt and decrypt files. Passwords are not saved into encryption packages. If you send encryption package to your friend, you need to give your password to him or her explicitly in order to decrypt your encrypted data.

How this application transfer data: This application does not transfer data by itself. Instead, this application will communicate with other applications such as Gmail or Google Drive to help you to upload encryption packages.

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Camera Encrypt Application

If you want to take encrypted photos and securely save them into your device, this application will help you. All photos taken by this application are in encrypted format and user can see them only in image viewers of this application. Unless encrypted images are exported to device picture folder with this application, they are always be in encrypted format.


  • Image data are encrypted and save into file system as encrypted format when picture is taken by camera.
  • View encrypted images by decrypting them into program memory. No decrypted data are written to file system while taking photo or viewing them in image viewers of this application.
  • Export encrypted images to your device picture folder if you want to get decrypted images. (This action will write decrypted images into your device file system.)
  • Taking picture is as easy as touching the camera preview screen or just clicking camera button on screen.
  • Application is secured with pass code. Resetting pass code will delete existing encrypted images.


  • Secure your photos on your device.
  • Easy to take encrypted photos and manage secure data.

What Encryption algorithm is used: This application use AES algorithm to encrypt and decrypt files. Passwords are created whenever you reset the pass code of application.

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File Transfer

This application allows you to transfer files from one device to other within wireless network. With few clicks, you can share/transfer or download files between devices.

To transfer files,
1. Add some files to share list
2. Give port number (By default, it is 9090)
3. Start sharing process

To download files,
1. Select or create download folder
2. Give IP and port number of source device (e.g. If source (connecting) device has IP of and is sharing files from port 9090, then you need to give as IP of connecting device and 9090 as port)
3. Start downloading process

Note: Both source device and client device need to be in same wireless network in order to transfer files successfully. It is also required to connect correct IP and port of source device. You can also transfer files within one device. That means you are copying files within one device. In this case, you don't need to have network connection.

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